The Easter Liturgy consists of four main parts.

The Vigil

Here we keep watch and wait, meditating on the mighty acts of God in the Scriptures. In ancient times the vigil might have lasted all through the night. Our service begins with some Old Testament lessons in the period just before dawn.

The Service of Light

We proclaim the resurrection in spoken word and dramatic ceremony. The Easter Candle is lit from a new fire and the church filled with light. The Exsultet, an ancient hymn of praise, leads us into the joyful and noisy greeting of the Risen Lord.

The Baptism

In the early centuries new Christians were baptized at Easter. At this service we each renew the commitment of our Baptism to complete our Lenten preparation and affirm our union with Christ in his death and resurrection.

First Eucharist of Easter

Having waited, watched, greeted the Risen Lord and renewed our baptismal commitment we now are sacramentally reunited with him. This first Holy Communion of Easter is a precious gift to us.

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