Thankyou from Debbie Marsh

At my first baptism on Thursday 6 August, it was very special to be using the shell given to me by Oakham, and I would like to thank everyone and as you will see from the photograph it is being put to good use!

I baptised two young women (half sisters) who developed a connection with church through the toddler group. One of them is now wanting to have her baby baptised and wants her sister to be a godmother but neither of them had been baptised themselves. It was such a privilege to do and despite having been at many baptisms I was amazed at how different it felt to actually be the one saying the words…

I have since baptised an adorable 10 month old last Sunday week, again an amazing privilege as there were about 50 people most of whom have no connection with church. Hope all is well and if you’re at Bouverie or in Northampton for any reason please call and see us.

Best wishes, Debbie.