How’s your memory?

When I want to be sure that I remember something, I write it on my hand. Then later on I glance at my hand and see the word “John”. John who? What about John? Where am I meeting John (whoever he is)? When am I meeting John … and why? It’s not a perfect system!

November is one of those months when a good memory comes in handy:

  • All Souls, when we remember that Jesus is the difference between life and death
  • Bonfire night, when we remember a failed assault on democracy
  • Remembrance Sunday, when we remember those who died for the sake of freedom, peace and justice

That’s a lot to remember in the long run in to Christmas: life and death, democracy, freedom, peace and justice. That’s not a bad start. But actually the Bible also reminds us of the things that God remembers at this (and every) time of the year:

  • He says: Your name is written on the palm of my hand (that’s always a great strategy to remember … see above!)
  • He says: I will remember your sins NO MORE … we tend to miss out the last two words of that verse … but God forgives and forgets.
  • And, he remembers that we are but dust … God doesn’t expect the impossible … he knows our strengths and weaknesses and still loves us.

It’s good to know that while we are wrestling with the BIG issues of life and death (that God knows and understands so well) … at the same time we are always on his mind.

If no one else cares about you, God does.
If no one else notices you, God does.
If your name is not written on anyone’s hand, it’s written on God’s hand.

The Ven Richard Ormston
Archdeacon of Northampton