Oakham Road Closures

You may have seen the signs, but please be aware that parts of Church Street will be closed for resurfacing works during the weeks beginning 12th and 19th February (Monday to Friday only). During the first week (12-16 February) the northern part will be closed, from a point halfway between the entrance and exit to the car park and Station Road (as well as the eastern half of Station Road), and during the second week (19-23 February) the southern part will be closed, from the halfway point to High Street, and including the end of Northgate. This means that during the first week there will be vehicular access to the church (and the car park) from High Street/Northgate, and during the second week access to the car park from the north, and access to the church on foot, but no vehicular access. In the following two weeks (w/b 26 February and 2 March) the western sections of Northgate and Station Road respectively will be closed.