Oakham PCC

Fabric and Finance – the Fabric team were progressing improved lighting including high level spots, replacement of louvres (emergency work) plus repair of masonry found to be deteriorating around the louvres, repairs/replacements to quarry tiles in N Transept, a hand-rail for Trinity Chapel entrance. The bells, silenced because of scaffolding, were having maintenance work done, led by Louis Totaro (Tower Captain), and costing for major repairs to the bell frame was underway. Costing for a new or upgraded Audio System was in hand. This is all expensive work, and although the Fabric fund is healthy now, it will soon drain away without significant fund raising.  The PCC were relieved to hear that the team who ran the successful Autumn Fair are looking to have a Summer Sale in early July.  On Finance, Richard Plummer gave a useful report on the proposed new Parish Giving Scheme; the Diocese is outsourcing collection of Parish contributions, recommending the end of Standing Orders, to be replaced by Direct Debits. More about this later. Cashless Giving has been introduced, hence payments and donations can be made by card if preferred.  Mission Giving from 2018 collections totalled £8,500 representing 10% of giving is being distributed – see separate item. Full accounts for 2018 and budget for 2019 are in the APCM booklet. Mission to Oakham, joint venture with all denominations in the town (CTiO), will begin in May and events widely advertised (more news later), and discussions re a possible Town Flower Festival are in hand for later in the year.  Concerns re access for wheelchairs are to be discussed and any training given to sidesmen (Health and Safety/Safeguarding). A new magazine (The Link) is to be launched shortly 3x a year. Electoral Roll stand at 204, but do fill in a form if you missed the closing date, as you may join the Roll at any time during the year. Volunteers are needed: Fabric, Electoral Roll controller, Deanery Synod Reps (2), World Day of Prayer committee member, Tea Party coordinator, Grants Application organiser, PCC members (3). Please don’t wait to be asked, just step forward and have a go! Full minutes on main noticeboard. Marilyn Tomalin (PCC Secretary).