Oakham PCC

At the PCC meeting on 17 May the following matters were discussed: (1) Elections: Deputy Churchwardens – Peter Kinal & Robin Robson; Secretary – Marilyn Tomalin; Treasurer – Peter Hill; Standing Committee – Robin Robson & Carol Scothern; (2) Finance: Two legacies totalling £2,500 have been received recently, but in real terms we are £1,800 under budget for planned giving and £2,000 over budget for expenditure, so care and a review of the budget may be necessary. A stewardship campaign follow-up was recommended, and we will liaise with Richard Plummer about this. (3) Fabric: We have received an electrical inspection report, and the quinquennial inspection has been carried out (report awaited, but expenditure of £10-15,000 predicted). Proposed alterations to floodlighting are hoped to be in place before Remembrance Sunday. Kenneth Tickell & Company are closing their business, and future tuning of the organ will be undertaken by Simon Brown (their former employee). Some maintenance to the bells would be necessary at a cost of arounf £1,500; (4) Health & Safety: A subcommittee will develop and implement a policy; (5) GDPR: The Data Policy and Consent Form prepared by Iain and Kevin were adopted with some possible tweaking, and we are working towards centralising our data storage; (6) Churches Together: Various initiatives, including a Mission to Oakham under consideration by the ministers; (7) A post-sermon discussion group is to be formed after the 10:30 service; (8) Deanery Synod: Elections to Diocesan Synod are coming up soon – anyone interested in standing should speak to John Tomalin; (9) Vacancy – a shortlist of two applicants would be interviewed on 21 June; (10) Cleaning Day: Saturday 16 June – volunteers to Pat Munro.