Langham News – November 2017

The clock on the church spire is at very long last looking like a clock again. The hands are back on and the mechanism in place. No further problems? Of course there are – that clock has a jinx on it. The fuses blew, the rewinding mechanism repaired and now just one more thing. It did work beautifully for about 8 hours. It just remains to see it fully in operation.

The Wine Tasting evening and our Harvest Thanksgiving were in a beautifully decorated church. Quite stunning this year. Wine tasting evenings were a new experience to some and resulted in very different likes and dislikes. Bat and Bottle independent wine merchants made it interesting by illustrating the various origins of their wines in places he knew well in Italy. He gave a donation to the church on sales.

November will be a quiet month. The church based lunch at 4 Melton Road on November 28th will be in aid of Crisis at Christmas and will be open to any number. Possibly not seating for everyone, but the food will be good value. Booking essential on 770234.

On December 16th (Yes, Christmas is yet again on the horizon) we plan a village Christmas evening with carols for all, solo items, instruments, spoken interludes, and, of course, mulled wine and mince pies. Anyone who would like to contribute an item, spoken or musical, please let me know – I would be delighted to hear from you. (01572 770234)