Langham News – November 2016

The next main event is the Christmas Tree Festival – December 2nd to 4th. The Friday evening sees a very special reception with entertainment. Refreshments will be served throughout Saturday and Sunday. Also there will be live music provided by instrumentalists, the school, the church choir and many others. Up-to-date details of the Festival are available here.

This past month has had special services. A well attended pet service saw many dogs come for their blessing. Not a bark, bite or any aggression whatever – despite a number of very excited children. Those without a pet brought favourite cuddlies.

The church was dressed magnificently for the Harvest Festival – truly beautiful. The Food Bank donations were generous, and almost all of them items requested. This was followed by a fish pie lunch and crumbles. Judging by the volume of noise it was much enjoyed by all.

A reminder – Church@4 is not just for children on the third Sunday of the month, but one in which they receive special treatment supported by an all-age congregation.

Advent Sunday at the end of the month is just another reminder Christmas is getting nearer with all it accompanying activities.