Icons for All

An Icon writing retreat takes place in June and July at Ketton, led by Revd Iann Holdsworth.

In recent times Icons have become more widely used and venerated in the Western Church. They have a depth and power which draws one into a deeper prayer life. Icons for All is a small group of Iconographers led by Revd Ian Holdsworth who are committed to establishing Icons within the mainstream of UK Church life.

The course runs over five Saturdays of work and prayer – 4/11/18 June and 2/9 July at Ketton Church Hall, from 10am to 5pm. Traditional materials will be used, including 22ct Gold, Earth and Mineral pigments on a linden wood panel covered with marble gesso.

All equipment and materials are included in the course fee of £85. For more information, please see the website, or contact Ian Holdsworth ~ ianholdworth@aol.com or 01604 761104.