Housing the Homeless

Churches Together is raising money to establish supported housing for people who have experienced homelessness. The aim is not just to put a roof over a person’s head, but also to offer the personal support and Christian love they need, so as to re-establish the confidence and good habits they need to move back into independent tenancy. The project is not mainly seeking donations, but rather money that people would be willing to invest over 5 years, for a return, in residential property. Over £100k has been pledged on that basis, and we need another £75k plus. Iain will be speaking about the project at the 8.00am and 10.30am services in Oakham on 23 June. If you have investment money you might be able to put into the project please speak to Iain now or after those services (07935 549947 / iain@oakhamteam.org.uk).