Greenbelt 2017

Greenbelt is a festival for people who want to mix things up: art and music, poetry and politics, activism and spirituality, faith and justice.

Iain and Charlotte, our new curates, both love it – does anyone want to join them for a day trip, on Sunday 27th August? The venue is close, about 45 minutes drive, at Boughton House near Kettering. The plan would be for families to go under their own steam, we meet and sit together for the 10:30 Communion service, then do our own thing for the afternoon and/or evening. There are loads of interesting talks, mainstage bands, weird and wonderful fringe events, workshops.

See for more info. We’re not sure about ticket prices just yet – we are investigating deals for local churches.

If interested (even if just ‘maybe’) please email Iain ( – he will get back to you in early August to confirm details.