Egleton News – November 2017

Greetings will be received and sent in mid-November between several of the Parishes, spread across England, all dedicated to ST EDMUND KING & MARTYR, and all brought face to face in the course of the EDMUND Festivals held in the Cathedral of St EDMUNDsbury, Suffolk, in 2001 and 2010!

Both festivals were acclaimed, by each of the Thirty Eight parishes who participated in the these splendid assemblies, fondly enough to ensure how ‘blessed are the ties that bind our hearts in Christian love’!

The annual communiques between us are especially poignant at St EDMUND’s tide when the blessed Saint himself is commemorated by the Church at large! November 20 is St Edmund’s Day in the Calendar; on and around his Date the revered and saintly King and Martyr will gain the renewed acclamation of his parishioners as they congregate to express their praise and thanksgiving.

Throughout these initial years of the 21st century, Egleton has held a central place of significance – both geographical and instrumental – in the enterprise of convening the English parishes of EDMUND into those major Festivals, in partnership with his devotees within his lovely Cathedral.

They, too, have remained lively partners and pals with Egleton and will be greeted with their deserved brand of acclamation at St Edmund’s tide, to affirm our thankfulness and affection for an enriching acquaintance within EDMUND’s fan-club , and our mutual pilgrimage amongst Edmund’s people – world wide.

It is Egleton’s privilege and joy, as always, to quote from our EDMUND HYMN of 1997 with which we have burst into song during each EDMUND-tide thereafter; as well as on other high days in the year:

EDMUND’S PARISH PEOPLE now in his saintly name may vow
Saints companions to be found through engrossing daily round;
Loyal pursuit of GOD’s goodwill; humble trust that Christ shall fill
With rich store of radiant grace EDMUND’s people in each place.

St Edmund’s people are delighted, too, to add their benedictions on Canon Guli as she prepares for her consecration as Bishop of Loughborough during this auspicious month of November!