Egleton news

Many of St Edmund’s loyal worshippers, constantly congregating through the changing seasons of the year, are scattered far and wide when Christmas Day dawns and yet, year by year, the ancient Church, delightfully adorned “and looking its best”, hosts a comparable assembly of welcome folks, from the village and neighbouring corners of Rutland, eager as ever to hail “the ever-blessed morn, to hail redemption’s happy dawn ” in a rousing sequence of praise and thanksgiving. Such was the setting on Christmas Day ’16 when the few Egleton folk – at home for Christmas- were complemented once again by a goodly company of parishioner’s kith & kin , as well as visitors from further afield.

In the much regretted absence of the Reverend Julie – to whom our renewed, prayerful good wishes are extended – we have had occasion to offer a cordial and grateful welcome to Lee, our Benefice Rector and to Owen our Curate and, not least, to Julie’s husband Phillip who, amongst his sequence of services with us, conducted our Christmas Day celebration.

In giving WELCOME to FEBRUARY we can offer these lines composed by PA Ropes, long ago now, but timeless in their simple , endearing charm, not to mention their urgent, price-tagged plea for the swift return of Spring , in all its widespread glory!:

Jonquils and violets smelling sweet in the grey, unblossoming street –
These to our midwinter bring the first, frail beauty of the Spring.
Sixpence – sixpence for the Spring!

For south wind and bird on wing; pennies for a priceless thing!
Glory of flower cups, flower eyes; wild, soft grace under iron skies;
Deathless in the gift They bring, though they die at evening :
Sixpence – sixpence for the Spring!