Egleton news

Egleton was represented loyally as the Oakham Benefice united on October 30th in appreciation of the ministry of the Revd Dr Dominic Coad as he and his wife Frances prepared to go North! County Durham is already the sphere of career for Frances and now Dominic follows her wise example and becomes Team Vicar following his admirable and gracious four years as Curate.

St Edmund’s was delighted to have two extended opportunities to savour his gifts and graces, as priest and pastor, whilst he ministered to Egleton in the course of an interregnum in the benefice. We offer profound appreciation of Dominic’s large fund of wise guidance and affectionate goodwill together with our blessings on both Frances and himself. He worthily assumes his new role, privileged to follow in the steps of St Bede of Jarrow; the Venerable Bede; one of the most eminent figures in the history of the English Church.

We can be assured how Dominic will maintain such a renowned, high tradition – in and around Geordie-land! He will be remembered with loving appreciation in Rutland and with a host of good wishes to him and to Frances for much happiness; not least in an endearing FAMILY life!

St Edmund’s congregation was largely augmented on November 6th, all assembled for the Morning Service of the Eucharist in which the Sacrament of Baptism, too, fulfilled its highly significant role. Merry and Piers Pertwee presented their son Rider David John to be received “into the midst of Christ’s flock, the Church”.

Merry and Piers were returning from Newmarket to Egleton, where they were married and where Merry was a loyal participant in the life and times of St Edmund’s Church before establishing her career as Veterinary Surgeon in and around Newmarket. She maintains her allegiance to St Edmund regularly whilst making rewarding visits to her family – father John, sister Diana – in Rutland; formerly they were to be found in Ashwell but now in Barrowden.

As ever – beyond an editorial deadline in the middle of the month – the 20th November will be celebrated as the Feast Day of St Edmund King and Martyr: there and then, Egleton expects to give our Patron Saint his due, our homage and our reverence – when EDMUND’s Day falls obligingly on the THIRD SUNDAY in November! His Flag will fly in the churchyard and a display mounted to celebrate his eminence among Christ’s martyr’s and saints!

On EDMUND’s Day we can proclaim, with passion and precision alike “FIVE WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS!” Edmund would be ever-ready to give place to his pledged Lord and Saviour! He gave his life, as a proof of it!

On Christmas Morning at 9:15am, St Edmund’s Parish and People will celebrate, as rapturously as often before and “as morning stars together proclaim the holy birth, and praises sing to God the King and peace to men on earth”.

But, in tune with past years a-plenty, in good and proper preparation for the Holy Birth, Egleton will rejoice in sharing The Carol Service on Wednesday 14th December at 6:00pm.

The joyful momentum of this cherished time of worship is to be followed by a further form of seasonal delights – when Mince Pies and Mulled Wine will be thirstily and thankfully consumed!

Parishioners – present and past – are never yet known to fail in whetting an appetite for the inherent, indisputable merits whenever “those faithful, joyful and triumphant, come and adore Him, born the king of angels”. Egleton readily renews every good wish for your HAPPY CHRISTMAS!