Church of England launches new educational foundation

The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership will provide leadership development training for those holding key roles in education, and is a major intervention by the Church in the education sector.

In advance of the launch, it has announced the names of the four trustees of the new charity:
· Professor Joy Carter DL (Chair); Vice-Chancellor of Winchester University
· The Revd Nigel Genders; Chief Education Officer for the Church of England
· The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek; Bishop of Gloucester
· Professor Bill Lucas; Acclaimed researcher and writer about education and learning

Speaking about the new trustees the Foundation’s Director, James Townsend, said: “We are thrilled that the work of the Foundation for Educational Leadership will be supported by an experienced and visionary Board of Trustees, reflecting a powerful partnership between dioceses, universities and school leaders. I am looking forward to working with Joy, Nigel, Bishop Rachel and Bill as we seek to ensure that all leaders in education have access to the very highest quality leadership development – especially those serving pupils in rural and disadvantaged areas.”

The Chair of Trustees, Professor Joy Carter, said: “The next few years will be an important time for our education system as we equip a new generation of young people to shape the values and priorities of our society, and contribute meaningfully to a complex and globalised world.

“To do this, we need to ensure our leaders in schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and diocesan education teams are fully supported in their development. The Board is committed to ensuring the success of the Foundation for Educational Leadership in doing so.”

Further trustees will be recruited to the Foundation in due course.