Christian Aid Week: 14th to 20th May

So many people have amazing stories of Christian Aid week here is one story of Theodor Davidovic.

Theodor is 91 now and a dedicated Christian Aid week volunteer. Orphaned aged eight he was a teenager during the Second World War and fought in the resistance movement in Serbia against Germany. But in the political chaos after the end of the war he had to flee his country.

He lived in refugee camps in Europe for two and a half years and says he owes his life to organisations like Christian Aid.

“It was the Christians who sent the parcels then just as they do now. It was the big organisations that were feeding us and I never forgot it. That is why I volunteer for Christian Aid.

“The people then who were contributing through Christian Aid Week helped me to survive. I feel I owe my life to the cause. To Christian Aid I promise that I will do my best as long as I live and I am still doing it.”

Thank you all for everything you do for Christian Aid Week. You have demonstrated that you won’t stand by whilst our neighbours are suffering, that you share Jesus’ outrage over injustice and you are prepared to do something about it.

It means so much to people like Theodor.

If you are already helping, thank you, if you are willing to help but not yet involved please ring Peter Townsend on 01572 759286.