Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

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I hope this one won’t present too many difficulties, but just a few points to look out for:

Count yourself in, and breath in good time before each entry so it’s not late;

ALTOS – in the third bar you sing (bar 11), watch the rhythm, as you sing ‘de’ (of desire) a beat earlier than everyone else – not printed very helpfully!;

TENORS / BASSES – bar 53 – be careful that the basses go above the tenors for one note;

Everyone – make sure we get the full TWO beats at the end of every phrase, except the last one of each verse which is THREE beats

We will sing both verses, so repeat as written.

Take your pick with the backing tracks – just organ playing the voice parts, just voices, organ and voices, and individual voice emphasised parts…


Backing Track: Organ only / Voices / Organ and voices / Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass