Brooke News – June 2017

It seems a long time since our Easter services of Morning Prayer on Good Friday and Communion on Easter Sunday and then two weeks of no services at all at Brooke but all is back to normal now and our usual pattern of services.

On a sunny, warm, May morning a happy band of cleaners descended on St Peter for an annual spring cleaning session. Despite bad backs, assorted aches and pains but with hundreds of years of cleaning experience between them the job was easily completed and a dust free and highly polished St Peter is now ready to receive summer visitors. The churchyard fencing was also being repaired the same day and some good fairies had repaired the notice board and repainted the bench on the green.

On the afternoon of Friday 12th May a special peal was rung at St Peter of 5,040 changes in seven methods, Netherseale, Norwich, London, Ipswich, Bourne, Beverly and Cambridge in two hours and forty-five minutes. Juliet Cunningham had first learned to ring in Rutland and has continued ringing in the Lake District where she now lives, but chose St Peter to return to and ring her first peal. The ringers were:

1 Juliet Cunningham (her first peal)
2 Janice Atkinson
3 Robin Rogers
4 Christopher O’Mahney
5 Richard Beadman
6 Roland Cook (Conductor)

The peal was also rung in memory of John Webster who died recently and was the Tower Captain at Uppingham Church.

Preparations are going ahead for a short Sunday afternoon concert, tea and cakes on 2nd July, inspired by Terry’s teenage granddaughter Maddy.