Brooke News – April 2017

Lee recently chaired St Peter’s latest PCC meeting which took place at Abbey Barn, Brooke on Weds 22nd Feb. He explained how the parish share will be worked out and suggested that we should attend the next Bishop’s Road Show on 29th April, having previously submitted questions voicing any concerns we may have on it. The rest of the items on the agenda were all dealt with easily and speedily and some dates were set for future festivals and events. Lee closed the meeting with a prayer; thank you Gill and Terry for hosting the meeting.

The APCM will be on 5th April at 7.30pm at Rose Cottage, Brooke.

At the time of writing St Peter’s daffodils are not quite out but no doubt will be by the time you receive this magazine so take a trip up to Brooke to see them, sit a while and reflect.

This bright flower blooms as the cold dark days of winter wane and the warmth of spring appears and is said to symbolise many things, new beginnings, rebirth, vitality, inner reflection, memory, forgiveness and the coming of spring. What better flower to remind us of our journey through Lent towards Easter.