Braunston Churchyard

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival seeks to celebrate the harvest of all God’s gifts to us and the people, skills and activities which make them possible. On Saturday September 24th from 10:00am you can participate by bringing gifts to church and arranging them so that others may enjoy them. On Sunday too there is time to add to their number before joining in with Harvest Praise at 4:00pm. To complete the celebration there is opportunity to have a Harvest Supper for which it is necessary to book so please ring Alan and Gail on 755570 to ensure your ticket(s).

Our Churchyard

The churchyard beautifully represents much of the history of the village but it doesri ‘t stay beautiful of its own accord. The Gardeners who cut the grass do a very good job but for the rest we need a lot of willing hands.

To this end the Blokes Club has again organised a working day: Come, equipped with your own tools if you can and be a part of a day in which united efforts will produce a fantastic result. Short time, on your own, as a team, long time – all will contribute to that result. From -12.00am Saturday 10th September. Result: Our churchyard will look as beautiful and well cared for at Harvest Praise as the church does on the inside.