A Taste of Faith – Islam

Would you like to know more about how Muslims think, pray and live? Many of us felt huge sympathy for the people shot recently while praying in their mosques in Christchurch, and learning more about Islam seems like a practical response we can all make. So we have invited the St Philip’s Centre to run a short introductory session on Thursday 2 May, 7–8.30pm at All Saints, Oakham. We will meet practising Muslims, who will bring some artefacts they use, and some snacks from a Muslim country. There will be no charge, but a collection will be taken to cover St Philip’s costs. (The Centre was originally established by the Church of England in Leicester, and exists to enable engagement and dialogue between the different religious traditions represented in that city – see www.stphilipscentre.co.uk.) Please note that this is not an event to debate what we think about Islam, so much as to improve our understanding through personal contact. If there is sufficient interest after the Taste of Faith, we may organise a visit to a mosque. If you are planning to come, it would help if you could let Iain know (iain@oakhamteam.org.uk or telephone 07935 549947) – but if you don’t get round to that, please come anyway!