Remember Me

The Last Supper

The Last SupperWe take our places on cushions around a low table covered with a cloth, with a plate in front of each of us, a loaf of bread on a platter and a jug of wine on the table, and the words ‘Remember Me’.

Lighting candlesCandles on the table are lit.

Do you have any special objects that help you to remember an important time in your life?

When Christians meet together they will often share bread and wine to remember the last meal that Jesus had with his friends before he died.

On the night before he died, Jesus had supper with his friends. He took some bread, and thanking God for it, he broke the bread.

Breaking the breadJesus gave the bread to each to his disciples, and said “Take, eat, this is my body which is given for you. Do this to remember me.”

Sharing the breadWe each take a piece of bread and some wine, and as we eat it, we think of something that we remember about Jesus. We blow out the candles before we continue on the journey.

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