Hopes and Dreams

The story of Palm Sunday

Hopes and DreamsA black road stretches out in front of us, leading to a white cross surrounded by a cairn of stones. Scattered on the road are palms, some small, some large, and we see the words ‘Hope and Dreams’.

People in Jesus’ land were dreaming of a time when they would be free from the Roman soldiers who ruled their lives. They were hoping for a leader who would help them overthrow their enemies.

We all dream sometimes about how things could be different, and how our lives could be better. As you read the story, think about your hopes for the future.

Listen to the storyWhen Jesus came into the great city of Jerusalem, the crowd was excited and restless. Many had heard of Jesus’ teaching and miracles. They longed for a leader who would help them drive the Romans from their land so that they could live in peace and prosperity. As Jesus rode through the city gates on a young donkey, the people cheered and praised God. “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” As people began to throw their cloaks and palm leaves onto the ground to pave the way for Jesus, their hearts were full of expectation. Some of the religious leaders grumbled at Jesus, but he told them that even if the crowds were silent the very stones would cry out.

Think about what Jesus meant when he said “If the crowds were silent the very stones would cry out.”

station1bIn your mind, take a stone, and on it draw a symbol or tiny picture of your hope or dream for the future, then walk along the road and place your stone in the cairn beneath the cross at the end of the road.

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