ASH (All Saints Hub)

ASH is a group designed for children aged 12-14, and meets monthly during the regular Sunday service at Oakham, with occasional activities at other times. Currently there are around half a dozen children who attend regularly.

Whilst wanting to encourage the children to think about matters relating to life and faith, the content of each session varies as we rely on different members of the congregation who offer something from their own experience and expertise that will engage the young people. This has the advantage of developing relationships between different ages and generally benefits all those involved.

The young people themselves chose the name ASH for their group and it’s been a pleasure to witness their energy and enthusiasm for each of the topics we’ve covered. The programme has included sessions ranging from Harvest and Remembrance to Building a Church, Making Good Decisions and participating in Scriptural Reasoning. Members of ASH have also enjoyed some shared activities with the older ASK group, including a film evening, a Christmas party and a Maundy Thursday meal. Any children aged 11-13 are welcome and we are always looking for adults to lead a session.