By Revd Paul McLeod

Abthorpe, St John the Baptist

Inside the north door of our parish church lies a large blue box into which local people anonymously donate food supplies that are regularly taken to Towcester Food Bank. Abthorpe has been contributing to our local food bank since it first opened in 2012.

When the February contributions were weighed our village had donated a total of 996kg and it was hoped that by March enough food would have been given for us to declare tonne-up. When the March’s contributions were weighed they totalled a massive 45.6kg meaning that we had greatly exceeded the one thousand kilograms mark.

Thanks go to all those who help provide much needed food supplies for local people in crisis. Towcester Food Bank reports that during 2016 it provided three-day supplies of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food for 1225 people. It also states that one-in-five of the United Kingdom’s population lives below the poverty line.