The Alive Group

Our May meeting was hosted by members from the Uppingham Group & we were joined by others from Oakham, Ketton, North Luffenham & Corby.

During the church service we had a talk given by Vicki from North Yorkshire & Maggie from Hereford both members of a team from The Alive Group who were spending time in the Uppingham & Belton areas during Christian Aid Week.

Both ladies discussed their experiences which brought about a transformation, through a closer relationship to God which made a real difference in their lives.

From the reaction of the meeting I had a feeling that their experiences struck a few chords with those present and provided some food for thought for us all.

At the conclusion of the meeting we enjoyed a very nice lunch provided by our Uppingham members in the Church Hall & much discussion took place on Vicki & Maggie’s talk.

This provided an excellent opportunity together with other members of the The Alive Group who were visiting from many parts of the country to share these and many other related topics, particularly how their lives had undergone a change since becoming involved together in this group.

We are grateful to The Alive Group for their contribution to our meeting & thank them for their support.

Next Meeting: Thursday 8th June 2017 at 2:15pm in church at All Saints Oakham

Pat Streeter