Sermons by Revd Stephen Griffiths

Team Rector

Luke 13:1-9 – 24th March 2019

Two deeply troubling events are on everybody’s minds. People are looking for answers, explanations, comfort, hope. But when Jesus gives his verdict, it’s not the response they expect. Everyone is talking about Pilate’s brutal treatment of some Galileans and the collapse of a tower in Jerusalem. You may think that Jesus deals with these two deeply troubling events in an unkind and…

Lent 1 Luke 4:1-11

One of the most popular hobbies at the moment is researching your family tree. Massive amounts of information are now available online as well as in church and civic archives. And a popular TV programme has fuelled this national obsession. For a special birthday present you might pay for someone to have their DNA tested and a map of their ancestry produced.…