The Queen Edith Festival

On the weekend of 8-10 March 2024, All Saints Oakham organised a series of event to present an interpretation of Edith’s life. The events included workshops for school children on Friday 8th March and events in and around the church on Saturday 9th March. These included craft activities and local artisans demonstrating their work – including a felter, metalsmith, pastal artist, watercolour artist, illustrator and a line cut and print maker. Mia Harrison exhibited the replica Bayeaux Tapestry that she is creating, Anglo-Saxon re-enactments took place in the churchyard, and a town centre “treasure trail” was created for children and parents. Around 300 to 400 people visited these events. The weekend concluded with a Choral Evensong commemorating the life of Queen Edith on Sunday 10th March. The notices for the events are shown below.

Photos of the Saturday events can be found in a blog post, and the service can be viewed on the Oakham Team Ministry Facebook page.

The core of the exhibition was a series of interpretive display boards. Images of these are shown below.