The Queen Edith Festival

On the weekend of 8-10 March 2024 we will present a fuller interpretation of Edith’s life at All Saints Church Oakham, including a genealogy, map of her Rutland landholdings, a contemporary image of her from the Bayeux Tapestry, and some original artwork based on the later medieval images of her that still exist. This is a developing project to inspire all ages, including local schools.

Please join us in celebrating Royal Rutland – the story of Queen Edith.

Provisional Programme

Friday 8th March 2024: Year 4 school visit (by invitation) to explore the connections between Queen Edith, All Saints Oakham, Oakham Castle and the Anglo-Saxon burgh of Oakham.

Saturday 9th March 2024: 9.30am-1pm

On the morning of March 9th, there will be a celebratory exhibition and other activities in and around All Saints church. Outside there will be Anglo-Saxon re-enactments, while inside there will be something for all ages – an exhibition of the life of Queen Edith, an actor playing Queen Edith herself dressed in royal costume, craft activities, and local artisans demonstrating their work – including a felter, metalsmith, pastal artist, watercolour artist, illustrator and a line cut and print maker. Mia Harrison will be showing the replica Bayeaux Tapestry that she is creating. You are invited to come dressed in Anglo-Saxon costume if you wish! The book “Royal Rutland – the story of Queen Edith”, written and donated to us by Professor Pauline Stafford, will also be available for purchase. The exhibition will be formally opened by Rutland’s Lord-Lieutenant, Dr Sarah Furness at 10.30am.

Sunday 10th March 2024: 6pm a service of celebration to mark 1000 years since the birth of Queen Edith.