Ride and Stride

Adam Lowe reports that at All Saints Oakham 69 people were recorded between 10am & 6pm. Two years ago it was 77, so the numbers are slightly down however still a good turnout.

This year we had a sponsor form on the table and that raised £100, which has already been collected and handed in. Thanks to all the recorders and the everyone that helped elsewhere and of course to so many who have given donations or pledged to support the Ride & Stride participants, it is now a question of collecting in all the monies and seeing how much Rutland as a whole raised.

At Teigh, Audrey Morley reports that there were 55 visitors, almost all cyclists, which she thinks was more than usual. It was such a good weather day for them!

Our curate Charlotte visited 28 churches on her bike, and confirms the general feeling was that it was not as well supported this year, clashing with two other events, and also reflecting a nationwide trend.

It is too soon to know numbers of participants and certainly too soon for amounts raised, but Richard Foulkes reports that in Hambleton there were a total of six riders and walkers and six people manned the church – Tom Case cycled round 52 churches, and in total so far they have raised £1250 which is more than 2017 from the efforts of fewer active participants!

The big news is obviously the magnificent 9½ hour ride around the boundaries of the county by our High Sheriff, Margaret Miles and her husband Robert visiting the 23 churches on her way.