The advertisement for new Team Rector is in the Church Times again this week, and is also on the Team and Diocesan websites. Interviews will take place on 21 June and if all goes well it is hoped that someone might be in post during September. Please keep praying for the people who are involved in the recruitment process, and for all who will take an interest in becoming Team Rector and Vicar of Oakham. Pray that all will discern their way forward, that the Patronage Board will do its work well, and that God will send us someone who will help us become who we’re called to be, both as a church and as individual followers of Jesus Christ. There will be opportunities to pray together at Prayer Breakfasts at 9:00am on Fridays 27 April and 25 May, and an evening of prayer from 6:00-9:00pm on Thursday 14 June. Please see the diary entries for full details.