Sunday School is held at Oakham every Sunday in the term time alongside the main morning service, except for the fourth Sunday when there is a Family Service in the church. Sunday School is aimed at children aged 4-11.

Sunday School has around 10 children on the roll, and normally we have a group of around 8 children and we give them about 45 minutes Christian teaching, mostly tied in to the the Lectionary. We always have some kind of activity which ties in with the reading. They do enjoy bringing the product of their toil to the Church and enjoy telling the congregation what we have been talking about. Some of the most vocal children in the class suddenly become silent as questions are asked, which is frustrating for those who have taught them so carefully!

We have the help of a magazine called Roots which gives suggestions for each week, it is also on-line and has even more resources there. Roots is a Lectionary-based resource which helps the children learning about something that has also gone on in Church.

Some of the children have progressed to be servers during the Eucharist and is lovely to watch them develop. Before Christmas, the children enjoy getting ready for the Nativity Play, which forms the Family Service for December.

We have a rota of people who either lead the Sunday School, or act as helpers. The leaders take time to prepare for their session and they are creative so that the children really enjoy it, and we are very grateful to them and to all the helpers. More helpers are always needed, and if you feel you could help, please let Liz Needham the Team Administrator know.