Oakham PCC Update

Precis of PCC Meeting 25 March 2021 by Zoom

Almost 100% attendance for latest PCC meeting held mainly to discuss and ratify Accounts for 2019 and for 2020.  Both were agreed and accepted as correct records; sincere thanks were expressed for the work done by the Finance Sub-Committee and especially Richard Harris (Independent Examiner) and Sue Willetts (Finance Assistant and PCC Treasurer).  Despite earlier concerns, the budget recommendations for 2020 have been met, thanks to the generosity of the congregation during the Covid19 situation.  January/February accounts were presented and a report received from the Finance Sub-group: the Parish Share (paid by every Church to the Diocese, and we pay monthly) has been frozen at last year’s figure of £90,000.  This, plus insurance, plus salaries – basic running costs of All Saints Oakham – amount to £10,000 per month.  Hence the need for further fund-raising events: “Giving for Growth” initiative will be repeated later this year, and an Autumn Fayre is planned for Saturday 25 September (volunteers of help speak to Graham or Elaine Peel).  A full presentation of the Church’s Finance will be presented at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting APCM on Sunday 16 May after 10.30am service of Holy Communion. Other issues to be addressed at that meeting will be the elections of Churchwardens 2, Deanery Synod 5 and PCC members 5 or 6.  Fabric – it was agreed that work commence on maintenance of all downpipes. The Cleaning Rota – for some years now David Kirtland has organised the rota and undertaken much as well; this PCC is very grateful for all his unseen efforts and dedication.  Question before the PCC was “Do we need to pay for this work currently?”  Or can we revisit the Rota system of volunteers?  Anyone out there keen to head up this initiative?  Speak to Rev Stephen or a Churchwarden – now! 

Full minutes cannot be displayed at present, but if you wish for more information please contact john.tomalin1943@btinternet.com.

Marilyn (PCC Secretary)