Oakham PCC

At the meeting on 25 January, items discussed included the following:

  1. It was noted that there was a full church at the carol service, with a significant number of non-parishioners, and that communicants on Christmas morning outnumbered those at midnight;
  2. The Autumn Sale raised £1950 in total;
  3. Mission giving would be finalised on 21 February;
  4. A change in the parish share calculation would result in a lower payment, and hence a reduced budget deficit, and a revised budget was agreed;
  5. A stewardship campaign would be held in 2017, with Stewardship Sunday on 10 September, and pledges returned by 1 October. A sub group will report back on 28 March;
  6. Tender documents for the boiler project were ready to be issued, but there would be extra expense for reinforcing beams for the office floor and external pipework routing;
  7. There had been a limited response to the local appeal for funding the clock upgrade, and most of this will be financed from the fabric fund;
  8. There will be water mains renewal work taking place in Oakham from February to October, and the churchwardens will ascertain how this might affect access for weddings and funerals;
  9. The posts and chains will be removed from the Garden of Remembrance, and more information about the garden will be sought from Oakham in Bloom;
  10. Deanery Synod – next meeting 9 February at Oakham, the High Sheriff’s service at the cathedral in on 26 February, and Bishop Donald’s Roadshow will be at Greetham Valley Golf Club on Saturday 29 April;
  11. Cards depicting the church, produced by the Friends, are available in church;
  12. Work on the kitchen and bathroom of the curate’s house is ongoing.

Full minutes can be viewed on the noticeboard by the North Door.