Oakham PCC

At the last meeting on 3 October the following items were discussed:

(1) The Treasurer’s role at Oakham is now being fulfilled by Sue Willetts as Finance Assistant, who will be working in the office on Tuesdays (finance@oakhamteam.org.uk);

(2) The boiler project is subject to delay due to the need for approval of pipework siting;

(3) Planting of the new Memorial Garden has been postponed to 29 October;

(4) The faculty for work on the clock has been granted;

(5) The faculty for the installation of Sir Jock Kennedy’s banner has been granted, and the work is planned in time for Remembrance Sunday;

(6) The Curate’s leaving service on 30 October will be followed by a lunch in church for the whole Team;

(7) A security system with surveillance cameras will be installed in the church;

(8) The Concert Society proposed an upgrade to the organ piston system which they would fund.

Full minutes will be available on the noticeboard by the North Door in Oakham Church.