Oakham PCC – 22 November

A comprehensive report on safeguarding issues was given by our Safeguarding Officer, Ruth Bray, and a copy of Promoting a Safer Church is in the Church Office.

Finance: Drafting of the 2019 budget awaited insurance costs (likely to be down after the installation of roof alarm system) and Parish Share costs for 2019 and salaries updates. Current giving is still down and the PCC is discussing a possible future stewardship campaign. Details of our mission giving for 2018 and a proposal for cashless giving are in hand.

Fabric: proposals to replace external floodlighting are in hand (current system stems back to early 1990s); regulating the clock has been a problem as a result of installation of the roof alarm system (both sharing the same radio signal), but this has now been resolved; our hard-working fabric group’s advised priority scheduling for work to be done was agreed, and the decaying louvres (1940s?) will be dealt with as soon as quotes have been approved and subject to available funding (grants?); it was also agreed that the amount for unexpected problems be increased to £1000 without reference to the PCC, provided funding is available; future plans will include the introduction of a moveable handrail/ramp at the step to the Trinity Chapel, and the current audio system (23 years old) replacement is being urgently investigated (two quotes now received).

Our next PCC meeting is on Thursday 24 January 2019 and a Team Council drawn from the whole benefice has been established, meeting quarterly. The full draft minutes are available on the noticeboard at the North Door. Marilyn Tomalin, PCC Secretary.