Oakham PCC

Apologies for delay in reporting this to you – holiday got in the way! This meeting was dominated by the need to discuss at length the Quinquennial report (an examination and overview of entire building and grounds, done every 5 years). Immediate work to be done – electrical installation improvements, removal of vegetation on parapets and louvre inspection/repair, and a crumbling window arch – were approved; further work to stonework pointing, repairs to north facing windows and possible fitting of grills to all windows (recommendation of Ecclesiastical Insurance) would be expensive and phased over the 5 years. The PCC did not think it necessary to launch a fund-raising campaign at present, provided the Stewardship promises materialised. It was also agreed to install a roof alarm system – work to be progressed swiftly in view of recent events. A small fabric committee (D Cook, A Compton and V Wainwright) were warmly thanked, and support for them would be sought – anyone with a few spare hours to meet contractors etc please speak to a Church warden. Work on the health and safety document was progressing, and again a volunteer to head this up was needed. A note for your diary: Bishop Donald is to address Deanery Synod at Exton on Thursday 20 September 7.30pm; all DS meetings are open to any, if you wish to attend. Next Standing Committee is Tuesday 11 September and full PCC (lead by our Rector, Stephen Griffiths) will be on Thursday27 September.