Oakham PCC

The PCC meeting of 21 March had much to cover. Do see full minutes on the noticeboard for all the reports and full details. To summarise: the vacancy arrangements were going well, and a good benefice meeting had been held with the Archdeacon and Rural Dean to finalise the Parish Profile, Person Specification, advertising of vacancy, interview dates and the panel involved. Finance updates completed the task of finalising the Accounts for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to be held on 22 April after the main morning service at Oakham. Several outstanding Fabric repairs were currently in hand, before completion of the Quinquennial (5 year) report; the new Quinquennial would be due this summer. Future projects would include updates or replacement of the current Audio System, and the lighting would also need attention – both major financial commitments. Data Protection systems are currently being updated to comply with new government initiatives, to make access safe and secure, and to simplify.