Oakham PCC

At the meeting on 26 September the following items were discussed: (1) New chalice assistants were approved; (2) Susan Osborne presented the plans for the new bereavement counselling scheme; (3) The financial report for September was presented, which showed an improvement in levels of income; (4) The budget for 2018 was approved; (5) The stewardship campaign details were confirmed, with presentations on 8 October; (6) The underground leak in the heating system had been indentified and wuld be fixed soon, and Blounts had been asked to quote to fix the boiler itself; (7) There have been delays from the DAC regarding the replacement alms box; (8) News from the Deanery Synod included a reduction from 9 places to 5 for Rutland in 2018, and a meeting in Oakham on 15 February; (9) Three new Electoral Roll members were approved; (10) The CTiO welcome initiative had decided to use the single leaflet already produced covering all churches rather than a full pack. Full minutes will be available on the noticeboard by the North Door.