Oakham APCM

The minutes of the meetings on 22 April will not be available until the 2019 APCM, so to keep you informed of proceedings: Alison Long and Ann Blackett have agreed to serve as Churchwardens for 2018/19, and Peter Kinal will continue as a Deputy CW; an additional Deputy CW may be appointed by the PCC.

The Electoral Roll stands at 295 at end of March 2018; please help Richard Davies by letting him know of any changes that you hear about. Monica Compton, Beryl Kirtland and Pat Munro are newly appointed to the PCC; there continue to be lay representative vacancies so if you wish to be co-opted for 12 months, do speak to your Churchwardens. Peter Hill, Treasurer to the PCC, produced the Annual Accounts, warning that the General Fund (what is available to spend within budget) is currently very low, and all responsible for expenditure are asked to be careful about spending and keep strictly in line with budget; hopefully the promises made during the Stewardship campaign last Autumn will begin to bear fruit, and ease the situation. (Interested in Stewardship? – speak to Richard Plummer or a churchwarden.) Alison reiterated the arrangements for progressing the Vacancy, currently being advertised, with interviews on 21 June, and hopefully an appointment in September. Present arrangements for services were going well. Derek Ufton, retiring PCC Secretary and Beryl Kirtland, retiring Friends Chair were warmly thanked for their service over 11 years each. Marilyn Tomalin and Liz Plummer take over these roles.

Date Protection requirements are being handled by Kevin Slingsby and Rev Iain Osborne – a huge but vital task in line with government edicts. A new rota system for 8am and 10:30am services is being devised (Beryl Kirtland and Janine).

The Venerable Roderick Wells chaired the meeting, and extended his sincere thanks to all who kept the show on the road, particularly Brenda Weatherhogg, Verger, whose work enabled the smooth-running of services. He also asked that we continue to pray for and support the curates in their training.

Finally Charlotte read a letter from Lee, thanking all for the support he and the family had received over nearly 14 years – standing him in good stead for his new appointment as part-time interim Team Rector of the Fosse Benefice based in Syston.

Marilyn Tomalin PCC Secretary