New Life in Kenya

Founded by Christian dairy farmers in 1988, Send a Cow works hand in hand with Africa’s poorest families. Through a proven package of training in farming, gender equality and money management, we help them see the riches in their own land. We also provide livestock and tools, working alongside families for three years to help break the cycle of poverty.

In Kakrao, Western Kenya, most people make a living from agriculture, but struggle to provide for their own basic needs. Unemployment is high and families experience hunger on a daily basis. With high HIV rates, many families are not only struggling to provide for themselves, but also for the orphaned relatives and widows they have taken in. Their situation is precarious. Frequently, it is women like Caren who are striving to hold their family’s fragile existence together. Caren experiences hunger on a daily basis as her farm cannot produce enough to feed her children and grandchildren. She is faced with constant feelings of nausea and gnawing hunger, made worse by the antiretroviral drugs that she must take to keep her HIV symptoms in check.

With your help, and through a new project we hope to launch this September, we can help to change these families’ futures. We can be God’s hands and feet, offering people like Caren the opportunity of a new life and hope. We will show them how they can make the most of their land so they have a variety of healthy vegetables to eat all year round, and some left over to sell. They will also receive the medical assistance they so desperately need.

For further information and to download our project video please visit

Send a Cow are are asking churches across the Diocese of Peterborough to work with us to be God’s hands and feet in this community by making a one off donation.

And this spring you can name the cow that you send.

£141 could provide all the training and resources that a whole family needs in their first year of this three year project.

Alternatively your church could become a Mission Partner, supporting and following the progress of this community over the next three years.

In return for your prayer and financial gifts we would provide prayer updates, photos and videos on a regular basis. If you would like to hear more about this exciting opportunity please do contact or phone 01225 871920