Nepal Appeal Update

To all who donated personally to the Nepal Appeal of The Paldorje Sherpa Foundation through Sherpa Adventure Gear, and especially for the generous donation of All Saints’ Church PCC of £250, I thought you would like to see a recent message from Tashi who is the CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear. From this and other countries nearly £150,000 has been raised. My son, Toby, met with Tashi and the production team recently in Seattle (Adventure Gear is sold in America too). He said that they were somewhat short of samples for next season’s clothing due to the workers making tents and shelters out of the existing waterproof shell fabric normally used for jackets in the factory (1000 metres of it!) and blankets from the fleece fabric. However new clothing sales need to surge ahead so that the factory workers have work for the future. That is what Toby is focusing on now. Thank you for your support and interest. Beryl Kirtland.

Thank you for your contribution to the Paldorje Fund. We are humbled by the outpouring of support we have received from around the world to help the people of Nepal. It warms our hearts and gives us hope and positive energy as we work to rebuild the country, the villages, the small businesses and homes of so many people. You designated your contribution to provide relief efforts in Nepal. We are pleased to inform you that 100% of your contribution is being used to help in these efforts for items such as food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing –anything that can save lives and help people put their lives back together again. We are Sherpa and we believe in karma – what goes around comes around – so we are eternally grateful for your generosity and prayers. Sincerely, Tashi Sherpa, Founder/CEO.