Live in the Present

From the Bishop of Peterborough

November: all the harvest festivals are over, Halloween too, and the October half-term break; the clocks have gone back, and we are into deep autumn. Cold, windy, raining, darkness encroaching on the day from both ends. The golden browns turning into leaf mulch on the grass and the pavements.

November: a month of remembering, connecting with our past and our origins. All Saints, Armistice: martyrdom, blood, war, war, and more war. It is important to remember, and to gain encouragement from the faithful of past generations. And Advent, with its promise of new light and new life, is on the horizon for the end of the month.

But, important as these things are, we mustn’t spend too much time looking back, or even looking forward. There was no golden age back then, and there will be none while this world endures. Sure, we should learn from yesterday, and do all we can to make tomorrow better than today – especially for those most in need. But we are called to live in the present, this November, today.

So, for a moment at least, forget the reminiscing, put away the dreams of what might be, and focus on now. Today. This moment. Your standing as a child of God. Your relationship with him through Christ. Your role, as an individual and as part of the Church, as a vessel for the Holy Spirit. Your relationships with family, friends, fellow Christians, those you love and those you don’t.

Lord Jesus, be with me now. This moment. This day. Make me your own. Fill me with yourself. Use me this day to reach and bless others with your love.

Every blessing