Langham News – September 2017

The lazy month of August hopefully leaves us all refreshed and keen to get back into routine and new events.

Our special event in September is the Harvest wine tasting and Italian nibbles event on Saturday 16th at 7.30 in the church with Bat and Ball.

The Harvest Thanksgiving Service is on the 17th September at 11:00am

For many years we have worked towards the idea of a servery and toilet facilities within the church. A second meeting with the DAC was held recently providing very helpful ideas towards achieving our ambition. The wheels grind slowly, but we look forward to the end result – tripping over steps with makeshift means of making refreshments available and the longish trek, with key holding escort, to the loo are rather tedious.

Village lunches continue to make good social gatherings. The village hall lunch on third Tuesdays in the month reaches mostly a different group of people attending the church lunch on fourth Tuesdays, though there is some overlap.

The Summer evening at the Ruddles was a huge success. The weather was perfect, Tony and Trish are fantastic hosts, the food was really great and the band so relaxing to have in the background. Their garden is magnificent. Thank you so much – also it raised a good sum for Langham Church.

It is good to see our Vicar, Julie, gradually coming back into circulation after her long illness.