Langham News – October 2016

On Saturday 1st October the Uppingham Jazz band will be giving a concert at 7.30p.m. £10. They are really excellent and are back by popular demand.

October 9th at 11:OOam is the Harvest Festival followed by lunch in the Village Hall. This is open to any who would like to come, cost £7.50.

On October 29th at 7:30pm there is to be a Quiz Evening, which will include food, in the Village Hall.

The next main event is the Christmas Tree Festival December 2nd to 4th. Refreshments will be served throughout both days. Also there will be live entertainment most of the time provided by instrumentalists, the school, the church choir and others. More details soon.

This past month we have laid Hilary Welch’s ashes in the churchyard and are looking forward to the Pet Service.