Langham News – July 2017

Possibly this will arrive before 1st July to remind all there is to be an evening to celebrate our Feast Weekend at the home of Tony and Trish Ruddle, Parva House, Cold Overton Road, Langham, 6-9p.m. There is to be a Launde lamb barbecue.

Church@4 has been discontinued for some months now, while many ideas have been discussed. During the summer months there will be garden picnics with Services at various addresses. On 16th July at 4:00pm the picnic will be at 4 Melton Road, Langham (01572 770234). Do come and bring some food – there will be plenty provided for those who come without. Tea, coffee and soft drinks for all will be available.

The ‘Champing’ (Church Camping) Weekend to celebrate the life of Jo Cox and Father’s Day has been greatly enjoyed by a large number of people. The evening event with band, music and barbecues attracted a great and noisy gathering from all corners of the village and beyond. Children and adults bedded down in the church and in a tent. Morning saw a cycle ride and a Yoga class before a breakfast of bacon and egg butties. Miles Baker took a lively service. The children particularly enjoyed throwing newspapers screwed up (bad news, sins to be disposed of and forgiven) into a waste bin. It was good having so many children at the service. Congratulations to those who organised the detail of such a splendid weekend. The sunshine helped a lot, too.

Earlier in the month we had the Viennese Cafe in lngrid’s beautiful garden. Many plants were brought and sold, the gardens admired and a sunny relax to the live music. The pasties, as ever, were truly magnificent.