Langham News – December 2017

On Friday December 15th there will be a Village Christmas evening with lots of carols to sing, a brass band, choir, solo items, instruments, spoken interludes, and, of course, mulled wine and mince pies. Adults £5.00. We look forward a to a festive time for all.

On December 3rd there will be a Posada service in church, starting at 9:00am, to include activities, Christingle and breakfast. Open to all – do come and join in.

The clock on the church spire is at very long last looking like a clock again. The hands are back on and the mechanism in place. No further problems? Of course there are – that clock has a jinx on it. The fuses blew, the rewinding mechanism repaired and now just one more thing. It did work beautifully for about 8 hours. Then for a few days… It was good to hear the chimes again. However, watch this space.

Two members of Langham church choir, along with three others from the Team had their Dean’s medals awarded in Peterborough cathedral. They were again presented at the Team Service by Lee at Langham.