Kairos Prison Mission

Kairos will be repeating last year’s very successful mission to Stocken Prison from 12-16 March 2018, and will be seeking help to bake biscuits, create a prayer chain, and to join the visiting team during the week itself. Cathy Dyson will be preaching at Oakham about the mission on Sunday 25 February.

Kairos is a Christian Mission which goes into prisons to show the transforming love of Jesus Christ to inmates. Kairos is a five day programme which explains and demonstrates the Christian faith in action. Through the Bible, personal testimony and unconditional love, inmates come to understand that they can be forgiven, accepted and transformed through encountering Jesus. The impact of Kairos on inmates is miraculous and reoffending rates in prisoners who have been on a Kairos programme are almost non-existent. The impact is so significant that prison authorities and the government are now actively inviting Kairos teams into UK prisons to work with groups of inmates.

Last year a team went into Stocken Prison and at the end of the week 16 inmates made a commitment to Jesus and their lives were visibly transformed. Next month a team of 25 of us are returning to Stocken to work with another group of men.

There are several ways in which Christians in communities local to the prison can support the mission:

(1) bake a batch of 35 cookies. One tangible way of showing the limitless and unconditional love of Jesus is to give every single inmate, officer and member of staff at the prison – whether they are directly involved with the mission or not – a batch of cookies. We have committed to providing 10,500 cookies so we are reliant on local bakers!

(2) pray for the mission and complete prayer slips which will be strung around the prison chapel as prayer chains.

(3) make a financial donation. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to put our faith into action and to reach out to the lost, the last and the least in our society, just as Jesus would do.

If you would like to be involved, please see the Kairos Prison Ministry website for more information.