Happy New Year to You All

Another year has just disappeared, so quickly that one wonders if we missed a couple of months, but apparently not so, apparently it is all about age. There is a legend of ‘The Three Wise Men’ that I rather like and thought I would retell it here as Epiphany happens early in January. This one says that the three Wise men were of very different ages. Caspar was a very young man, Melchior was a middle aged man and Balthazar was an old man.

They made that long journey of which we all know, in differing weathers, riding on the back of camels. They followed the new star, knowing that at its end would be a new King.

When they arrived at Bethlehem, they took themselves to the cave where Jesus had been born. They went in separately. Balthazar, being the eldest went first, there he found an old man of his own sort of age with whom he was quickly at home. They spoke together of gratitude and their memories.

The younger Melchior met in the cave a middle aged teacher, they talked passionately of leadership and responsibility.

When young Caspar entered he found a young prophet and they spoke words of reform and promise.

Afterwards, they met together outside and they then took their gifts of Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh and together they entered the cave. Amazingly there was nobody to be seen but an infant, just days old.

Later on they understood. The Saviour speaks to us at every stage of our lives. The elderly hear the call to integrity and wisdom. The middle aged hear the call of responsibility and constancy. The young hear the call to identity and intimacy.

May you meet Christ wherever you are in this year of 2018.

Robin Robson