Greenbelt 2018

This is advance notice that we will run a parish camping trip to Greenbelt 2018 – 24-27 August 2018 (Bank Holiday weekend) – or you can go for just one day. This is a Christian music/arts/politics/culture festival which runs just outside Kettering. See for a taste if you don’t know what it’s all about. A group of us went for a day this year and had great fun. We are letting you know now that we’ll be going because the price of tickets rises through the year. So, if you book before 31 October, an adult ticket is £50 less than if you buy next August (concessionary adult and 18-25s £30 less); children however are the same price all year, £50. Also, if you buy now you can pay by instalments. If you want to join us – whether or not you decide to buy your ticket early – please would you let Revd Iain Osborne know, so he can include you in communications.