From Revd Stephen Griffiths

Dear friends,

In a few weeks we will be moving from north Oxfordshire to Oakham. We are already very excited and looking forward to joining you. There are four of us:

Stephen (currently Team Rector of the Cherwell Valley Benefice in Oxfordshire and Rural Dean of Bicester & Islip Deanery), Cally (at home full time with our two boys but previously head of HR for a Christian charity in Oxford), Jonathan (three and a half and ready to start nursery in the mornings in September – keen on steam trains), and Alexander (nearly two – highly ticklish and keen on diggers).

It was a pleasure to meet so many people on the day of the interview and explore God’s call to serve amongst you. Jonathan and Alex especially enjoyed attending the church toddler group that day and visiting the castle. Cally and I even managed a visit to the Grainstore Brewery that evening.

I grew up in south Derbyshire, near Burton upon Trent, went to school at Twycross in Leicestershire, trained for ordination at Ridley Hall in Cambridge, served a curacy in Derby, and was a vicar and rural dean in Cumbria before moving to Oxfordshire. Cally is from Bedfordshire, studied and worked in Leicester and moved to Oxford when her workplace relocated. We were married at St. Aldate’s Church in Oxford five years ago.

When not busy with church work I enjoy exploring the countryside, visiting historic places, growing food, playing music (piano and organ), and cooking. Cally is a great knitter and loves reading and cycling. As a family we enjoy parks, picnics and making cakes.

Throughout the discernment process I’ve been very impressed by the work going on in the churches in the town and the villages of the Oakham Team and by the contributions made by so many people to the ministry of the church. What a privilege to be asked to join you as Vicar of Oakham and Team Rector.

During times of change I’m always encouraged by Jesus’ words at the end of Matthew’s gospel ‘I am with you always, to the end of the age.’

With my prayers and very best wishes.